Pro-Tect Fasteners

“After” – Brand new look (Click picture to enlarge)

Pro-Tect Fasteners is the newest innovation in the in the fastener industry regarding aluminum structures. These fasteners not only improve the lifespan of your fasteners, saving you money on maintenance, but also look great. Most commonly we replace the anchors, but all fasteners that are visible on your enclosure can be replaced with Pro-Tect Fasteners.





“Before” – Rusted anchor

As far as we know we are the only contractor in Brevard County that is using this new great product. Additionally we can also install new 1″ x 2″ angle aluminum that will cover your bottom 1″ x 2″ plate to make it look like new. (see picture above)¬†Call our office at (321) 255-2778 or contact us through the website today to receive a free quote.


Here is a short manufacturer’s video demonstrating how Pro-Tect anchors work

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